Paid Media

At SouthSwell, we offer the following Paid Media services:

  • PPC, or “pay-per-click,” is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. Instead of earning visits organically, PPC allows advertisers to buy visits to their site.

  • Paid Social means paying to promote your content on social media platforms, allowing you to target specific audiences.

  • Programmatic Display Advertising, a way to buy ad space across the internet that’s more automated and efficient than direct ad buying.

What is Paid Media?

Paid Media generally refers to Google and social media ads that are “pushed” or promoted, rather than organically found by customers. Sponsored social media posts, display ads, paid search results, and video ads are all examples of Paid Media. It tends to be one of the most revenue-driving services we provide because it helps our clients to be visible to people they otherwise would not reach.

As business owners, your priority is helping the people in your community – not worrying about whether you should invest in Facebook or Google ads. You also might not have the analytics or the insight to make an informed decision about Paid Media. At SouthSwell, we have the tools, talent, and expertise to guide you through the complexities of paid media marketing.

Choosing Your Strategy

A deliberate and strategic Paid Media plan should:

  • increase awareness of your business

  • boost brand trust

  • convert visitors into customers

Paid media comes in many different forms, like sponsored social media posts, paid search results, video ads and display ads. Depending upon your target audience, some of these methods might be more effective than others. Some businesses do exceedingly well with social media ads, while others may find paid search results far more effective at building awareness and growing their business.

At SouthSwell, we’re Paid Media experts. We provide you with a dedicated account manager who will audit your current marketing strategy—or build you one from scratch. We learn about your goals and expectations and show you in clear terms which Paid Media strategies will work best for your business. Our special blend of keyword integration, SEO strategies, and branding tactics, coupled with our knowledge of Paid Media, can help you save money while also facilitating highly effective, laser-targeted ads. Once your strategy is implemented, our team will consistently provide you with clear reporting and updates about how it’s doing. Our strategies will be evergreen, so you never need to worry about a stagnated, unprofitable ad campaign.

Getting Started with PPC

Ranking in the top 10 on Google doesn’t have to cost a fortune. However, it does take expertise and inside knowledge to get your online presence to that coveted top spot on search engine results. Contact us today, and we’ll grow your business to the next level.