At SouthSwell, we offer:

  • Branding, which means creating a unique identity for a business in the consumers’ minds.

  • Brand strategy, a long-term plan designed to achieve goals related to a brand’s identity, positioning, and experience.

  • Re-branding, which means revamping or updating an existing brand’s image, strategy, or elements. This often comes about when a company evolves, merges, needs to shed a negative image, or wants to target a new audience.

The Importance of Branding

Whether you know it or not, your business already has a brand identity, but unless you’ve intentionally created it, it may be inconsistent or give off the wrong message. Your brand is constantly being assessed by competitors and potential clients alike, so getting clear on what you want to say (and how) is crucial.

Branding is not just about a logo or a catchy tagline; it’s a complex combination of elements that work together to create a perception in the consumer’s mind. This perception, when managed well, leads to a competitive advantageloyalty, and increased value for your business.

Why SouthSwell?

SouthSwell’s Branding Package allows you to establish the following:

Brand personality: The human characteristics that you want your clients to associate with your company/ what sets you apart from other companies. (Ex: sophisticated, innovative, scientific)

Brand voice: The “character” your brand is speaking from that will allow your content to pop and be recognizable in the crowd. (Ex: personable expert, scientific mentor, friendly older sibling)

Brand values: As a brand, you can’t be all things to all people. Core values help your brand make big decisions, inform your branding, and help you carve out a niche. (Ex: integrity, education, client-first, holistic treatment)

Brand messaging: What your brand is saying. This incorporates brand values, personality, and voice, but focuses more on the content of what you’re saying as opposed to the form. (Ex: we educate consumers on the risks of substance abuse for Nurses and Veterans, and we provide information on why yoga and nutrition are crucial for recovery)

SouthSwell’s Creative Director, Samantha Colicchio, will bring her extensive marketing passion and expertise to your branding sessions. She was an early employee at Liquid I.V., a hydration company that was acquired by multinational Fortune 500 company Unilever one year into her tenure there. She strategized and wrote all brand content, including product launches, website copy, social media, email, ads, scripts, and other marketing collateral, and supervised designers, photographers, videographers, and editors to produce creative and video that helped the company to grow rapidly. She worked for Unilever for two years before moving to Beam Organics, one of the top CBD brands in the U.S., where she helped launch new products and supervised copy and creative across all platforms. At SouthSwell, she helps ambitious brands to up-level their marketing through clear, compelling content that moves the needle.